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Gifted Teens and Adults



“Being different isn't always a bad thing.”

-Alicia, The Fantastic Four-

People often think gifted teens can just rationalize their way out of difficulties. 

Not true!


Whether you are a teen identified as gifted and talented or high ability, a parent of a GT kid, or a gifted adult yourself, you know that sometimes people just don't understand what it is like to be you.  I get it! 


Expectations of others and ourselves, hypersensitivities, perfectionism, over/underachieving, or feeling like you don't fit in can all plague this population.  Although anyone can struggle with anxiety, depression, or self-esteem issues, giftedness adds another variable to the equation.  

We will work together in a warm and welcoming space to help you find ways to feel comfortable in your own skin and to live a more fulfilling life.

If you are a parent, I can help you understand and advocate for your child and work with you to find the best parenting strategies for your situation.  I can provide support and empathy as you continue this rewarding and sometimes frustrating journey.

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